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Websites. Apps. Games. Banners. Landing pages. Once thought of as 'nice-to-haves,' these tools are essential to today's digital marketing landscape. And even if your customer doesn't really understand them, not to worry: we do. Best of all, with our digital solutions, we can measure–IN REAL TIME–what's working and what's not, while thinking of what else we can do to take your digital marketing to the next level.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line needed to educate travel agents and agencies on ship launches, as well as updated or new amenities and offerings. The goal was to increase sales by educating the people selling their cruises.

Working with our agency partner, Kaiser Marketing/R&R Partners, we created Norwegian Cruise Line University (NCLU)—an interactive, secure eLearning environment that engages and educates users on an ongoing basis. We were involved from the concept phase through design, programming, and development to implementation, hosting and analytics.

Overall NCL U success since inception was overwhelming, actually exceeding the initial annual travel agent enrollment in three months. Cruise bookings were much higher with travel agents enrolled in NCL U. And all performance metric targets were exceeded.

So, what do we offer, exactly?
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There’s no one-size-fits-all here. We develop dynamic, tailor-made, world-class digital solutions for web and mobile. No matter how complex the digital challenge, we thrive on solving them with advanced technologies, blazing new trails if none exist—on-time and on-budget. Guaranteed.

Wegmans Catering

Wegmans’ catering needed the ability for customers to order and pay for catering items—all online.

We implemented a custom DNN solution gives customers the ability to select a store and pick-up date and time so that the order is ready when they arrive. The system also gives Wegmans the ability to show or hide certain items based on store availability. During the holidays the site includes holiday dinners and availability can be further based on dates as well as by store. Additionally, they have the ability to turn off holiday dinners completely if they run out due to high demand.

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Wegmans – Amore Restaurant

Wegmans wanted a restaurant site for the new Amore restaurant opening in the East Ave. Rochester store. The site would need to allow customers to make reservations and post reviews, and allow the store the capability to change the menu and pricing as needed. They also wanted to have customers be able to have the ability to book private parties in one of their 3 party rooms.

SDC implemented a DNN solution with the ability for Wegmans to control much of the content on the site. Reservations were implemented using open table, and requests to book private parties were implemented via a request form on the site. Wegmans had already built a site for their Next Door Bar and Grill restaurant but the Amore site we built gave them much more ability to self-manage the site. As a result Wegmans then had SDC rebrand the Next Door Bar and Grill site and include the same functionality.


ingtopia is a GPS-based multi-platform mobile app that is the perfect state of insight. Eat, drink, watch, listen. It's a utopia of ing. Want to see what the crowd is like at your favorite restaurant? Get a glimpse of the local scene wherever you roam? ingtopia takes you there with live looks inside restaurants, bars, nightclubs and music venues all over the map. Look everywhere before you go anywhere. It's destination visualization online or on your mobile. Because where you end up is just the beginning.

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